About Francis Cauffman

Francis Cauffman is a source of new ideas for positive change. We are a pluralistic global practice that integrates knowledge of architecture, the arts, and human activities. We embrace complexity as the basis for contemporary, high-performance and innovative projects. We work consistently and communicate openly with our clients to realize their new futures.

Francis Cauffman is a knowledge-based firm, informed by research in all areas of its practice, focusing especially on programmatic hybrids, healthcare, corporate, workplace, science, technology, and higher education. Utilizing contemporary technologies, we design sustainable and multi-functional buildings that embody our clients’ work and also advance it. Our culture has led to industry and peer recognition for innovative design, planning and delivery.

Given a known set of specific parameters for each project, we push the boundaries of conventional practice with new ideas that change the common understanding of what is possible.



Culturally, four basic principles drive the practice:

Communication | Knowledge | Invention | Connection

We believe knowledge begets positive change. Our talented professionals, from a broad array of disciplines, are constantly exploring new ideas as they relate to project type and program. We integrate single-function, mixed-use and hybrid program types across the wide variety of cultural and market contexts within which our clients practice.

Whether we are developing projects for research, healing, learning, work, product or creating new physical systems that improve building performance, our technological and programmatic sophistication creates the foundation for next-generation architecture.