Facility Executive | Furniture Trends: The Open Office Puzzle

Furniture Trends: The Open Office Puzzle

Richard Kadzis, May 22, 2015 Download PDF
Workplace strategies, settings, and practices define today’s business model for a growing number of global corporations whose fortunes often hinge on their ability to innovate and, thus, engage their employees. The most agile of these enterprises include top brand names like Google, W.L. Gore, and Unilever, yet there are many others entering this new economy landscape. Sometimes described as “meta-companies,” they are forward facing, adaptive, and proactively responsive to change.
Many factors influence this level of workplace flexibility, including the commercial furniture sector. “Furniture has become an important part of creating flexibility because flexible furniture creates many types of workplaces,” advises Shawn Murphy, director, real estate and fleet, West Division, for Comcast Cable.
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