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Roadmap to the Future

Aran A. McCarthy, November 2013 Download PDF

Facilities assessments can guide the decision-making process for building projects - large and small.

When travelling in unfamiliar territory, it's best to have a map in hand to guide you to your destination. The same holds true for hospital leadership when navigating a challenging economy and charting a course toward growth and development. Administrators have limited capital to invest in facilities, yet they face seemingly limited requests for improvements. How do they decide where to allocate these finite resources to maintain, renovate, or rebuild existing structures? They need a roadmap for the future. In other words, they need to conduct a facilities assessment.

A facilities assessment is a process in which a team of experts evaluates a health system's physical space based on a variety of predetermined criteria. The assessment produces a comprehensive report that includes information on the existing conditions of the buildings; mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems; code compliance; structural conditions; site and utility access; and future growth potential. This report serves as a guide that gives administrators the data they need to make the choices that will best benefit their institution in the future.

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