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What Does a Trust-Based Workplace Look Like?

Alexandra Schultz, August 28,2015 Download PDF
Trust is a difficult thing to measure, but Gallup has conducted extensive research on engagement in the workplace, which is closely linked to trust. The results are dismal, and not only in the United States. The research found that, across the globe, only 13 percent of employees are engaged at work. Trust leads to engagement. Engagement helps to improve job satisfaction. And all these attributes impact a company’s bottom line. But what does trust in the workplace look like? We often think about trust as something we feel, not what we see.
We investigated this question around the framework of reasons employees choose to come into the office, given that many employers no longer require employees to be in the office every day. A trust-based workplace can be an attractive incentive to bring employees into the office for face-to-face collaboration, innovation, and a number of other activities. In our research, we discovered some common visual elements of trust-based workplaces. One thing they all have in common is employee-centric design.
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