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No Cubes? No Problem

Casey Laughman, December 2013 Download PDF

GlaxoSmithKline's new, double LEED Platinum-certified U.S. headquarters has transformed the way employees work.

If GlaxoSmithKline CEO Andrew Witty hadn't decided to go for a walk at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, GSK's U.S. headquarters might very well still be located among downtown Philadelphia's high-rises - instead of having a spectacular view of them.

As the company was deciding what to do with the space, Witty's stroll inspired a vision for a far more dramatic transformation than simply renovating and resizing the existing space. The Navy Yard, the country's first naval shipyard, is currently undergoing a renaissance as the city and private developers push to turn it into a mixed-use development that is on the leading edge of sustainable development.

When Witty explored the area, including checking out the corporate headquarters of Urban Outfitters, he realized that the location offered the opportunity for GSK to reinvent not only its workspace, but how its employees worked, says John Gattuso, senior vice president and regional director of Liberty Property Trust, which is developing the Navy Yard.

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