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An App A Day Can Keep The Doctor Away

Anne DiNardo, January 15, 2015 Download PDF
Technology is helping fundamentally change healthcare delivery in the built environment, from the way patients check in for an appointment and how medical information is taken and recorded to how appointments and treatment are delivered. It’s also influencing the conversation between doctors and patients.
“I’ve seen my own patients coming in and saying ‘I’ve come across these apps, what do you think?’ or ‘Are you able to download my blood sugars off of my diabetes app?” says Dr. David Shulkin, president, Morristown Medical Center, part of Atlantic Health System.
Determined not to be left behind in this evolution, he started talking with colleagues about vetting some health apps so they could create a list of recommended ones for patients—from diabetes treatment to lifestyle applications. They even developed a medical app prescription pad with the list that doctors can check off and give to patients as part of their overall treatment.
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