Healthcare Design | Listen Up: Surveying Patients to Shape Better Designs

Listen Up: Surveying Patients to Shape Better Designs

Catherine Gow, February 19, 2016 Download PDF

Sometimes the best ideas are the most obvious. For example, if you want to make cancer patients comfortable during treatments, ask them how.  When designing cancer facilities, architects must keep the physical, psychological, and emotional needs of patients at the forefront of their process. To help guide this, Francis Cauffman's design team surveys cancer survivors about their experience with treatment and the environment in which they receive care.However, as with any building project, there is no single solution for all patients. In fact, there are as many preferences as there are individuals and types of treatment. But the cancer patients we surveyed agreed on one thing: They wanted to be able to control their own physical environments. Here are some ideas on how that might be translated to design.

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